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Questions and answers:

What is this page for?
On this page are displayed the results of monitoring of hosting.
Is this monitor reliable?
Not 100%. It's for guidance only. But according to several months experience it's reliable for more than 99%.
Sometimes I can see much of white "no info" areas on the graphs - why is that?
The monitoring server is not running 24/7 (however it's very close to that). Electricity bill is my main concern... ;) But sometimes simply some technical problems appear.
Where is the monitoring server located?
In Poland.
Not true! is located in Pennsylvania, USA!
This page only displays the results. The monitoring is done from Poland.
What actually is monitored?
Currently, in every 2 minutes, accessibility and time of response of:
- - main page of this hosting;
- - hosting forum;
- - login page for cPanel;
- FTP - access to the FTP server of the hosting;
- "HTML only" - access to example users HTML page;
- "PHP scripts" - access to example users page generated with PHP processing;
- "PHP + MySQL" - access to example users page generate with PHP script and powered by MySQL.
Can I view more than last 24 hours of results?
Yes. Navigate through the archive menu.
Will this service be improved?
Probably yes. It has been created in September 2009 (for different purposes) and evolve and expand much already. In February 19th monitoring of has started.

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Changelog of the service:

2010-02-19 - Start of monitoring of
2010-05-11 - This page with displayed results of monitoring has been created.
2010-05-14 - This page has been made public.
2010-05-16 - Monitoring of ChemicalServers nameservers implemented.

If you'll find any bugs or you have some suggestions - feel free to contact me with the email displayed in the footer of this page with subject line "ChemicalServers Monitor". Thank you. I hope you'll find this service useful.